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Easy to Use Touchscreen Security Panel

This state of the art home security system platform that can be installed in one visit. It uses wireless technology to communicate with sensors, giving you the flexibility you need. This system features:

– Two-way voice  feature

– A backup power supply

– Crash and smash protection

– Cellular and remote monitoring


Home Alarm Sensors

ProTECHt offers a wide variety of home alarm sensors so that all of your needs are covered. Some customers elect to put multiple types of security sensors throughout their home . We carry the following types of sensors:

– Motion sensors

– Glass break sensors

– Door or window sensors

– Flood and freeze sensors


Smoke and Heat Sensor

Not your average smoke detector, this photo electronic sensor also detects a rise in heat temperature up to 135°F. When triggered, it will notify the monitoring center and fire department if needed, as well as your preferred contacts.


Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that is toxic. ProTECHt knows you want to secure your home and your family, so we offer top-of-the-line carbon monoxide sensors. This sensor includes:

– Spoken warnings when carbon monoxide is present

– Easy touch reset

– Test reset allows you to ensure your system is up to date


 Home Security Remote Keychain

Have you ever walked out of the house and realized you forgot to arm your system? Now, with ProTECHt’s lightweight home security remote keychain, you can easily arm your home even after you have already walked out the door. This remote features:

– Easy-to-use arm/disarm buttons

– Buttons that allow you to change your thermostat

– Lightweight, durable design


Medical Alert Emergency Pendant

This is like a panic button for those with health problems who may need immediate assistance at unexpected moments. Simply holding the button down for three seconds will call an ambulance to the home. Medical professionals will take over from there. Features include:

– Easy to press medical alert emergency button

– Lightweight, durable design

– Long battery life


No Phone Line Required – 100% Cellular

We like to use our advanced technology to out think any intruder who might try to disable your home security system by cutting the phone lines. With wireless:

– Signals to support services will still get through

– Your home remains protected

– My reliable than a phone line connection

Alarm.com_App_Android_iPhone_Lights (1)

Home Security App from

Now, you can use your smartphone (or any other mobile devices) to have more control over your home.  Arm and disarm your security system remotely with this flexible, free app.

Have you ever left the house and wondered if you armed your alarm system? Maybe you would like to change the thermostat before you get home. With ProTECHt, our home security app allows you to control this and more… from anywhere. 

– Arm or disarm your home security system remotely

– Adjust your home automation devices remotely

– Check your wireless home security cameras or alarm sensors remotely

zwave light

Light Modules

You can automate the lights in your home with these simple plug in light modules. If you would like to regulate your lights with your smartphone or tablet, light modules are exactly what you need.

– Integrates with your current system

– Allows you to create a schedule for your lights

– Helps increase security and decrease energy bills


Locking Systems

Our wireless door locks from Schlage, Yale and Kwikset allow you to quickly and easily set an entry code for anyone coming or going. You can lock and unlock from your smartphone app. 

– Keyless entry

– Durable, weatherproof keypads

– Integration with current wireless home security system


Thermostat Panel for Home Automation

This wireless thermostat panel can be installed in minutes. It also can be integrated with your home security system. Now, changing your home’s temperature and arming your system is easier than ever. This thermostat features:

– Easy ad simple touchscreen menus

– Alarm system arming/disarming

– Full thermostat capabilities


Garage Door Automation

The only interactive security platform to provide fully integrated control for your garage doors, lets you easily manage, monitor and open and close your garage doors through your mobile app.

– Automatically close the garage door when the security system is armed

– Receive notification when garage door is left open

– Eliminate security vulnerabilities of leaving garage door openers in cars


Indoor Wireless Cameras

This indoor wireless motion recording camera can be placed anywhere in your home. Since there are no connective wires, these security cameras give you the ability to place the cameras where you need them most. This camera’s features include:

– Crystal clear recording

– Video recording in 720p HD

– Footage can be sent directly to a computer, smartphone or tablet

– Set up alerts that can be sent via text or email


Outdoor Wireless Cameras

This outdoor wireless motion recording camera is durable, weatherproof and can be placed anywhere around your building. This camera shoots in color and features owl vision that  can see up to 40 feet away even at night.

– Crystal clear recording

– Video recording in 720p HD

– Footage can be sent directly to a computer, smartphone or tablet

– Set up alerts that can be sent via text or email


Answer your door with a smartphone

SkyBell is a smart video doorbell that allows you to see, hear, and speak to the visitor at your door whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go.

With the SkyBell HD WiFi doorbell, you are free to live your life without worrying about your home while you’re away; or feeling scared when someone rings the doorbell. No more interruptions during family dinner; or missing important packages. SkyBell HD is “smart” home security doorbell that fits into your life!