ProTECHt’s team is amazing. They aren’t joking about super fast installation, but my favorite thing about ProTECHt is that they respond quickly even after your system is installed. Whenever I have a question, the team at ProTECHt responds with lightning speed. They have amazing service backed up by an awesomely powerful monitoring company. Love this team!

Carolyn B.

They were very nice, professional and polite. They went through the instructions and keypad very quickly at the end.   I’ve called once and had a good response.  I think it’s great that it’s wireless as opposed to drilling holes in the wall.

Jeanne B.

The service went really well and I was pleased. I did a lot of research prior to the installation. I compared them to other main companies in the area. They were by far the best… It was a straight forward installation and I have no issues with the service.

Ronnie B.

ProTECHt’s service has been great and I have been pleased with the experience. They are the first alarm company I have used. They seem well-connected. I use an app on my phone for everything which is nice. I will get a text notification if anything comes up.

Daniel C.

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